Today marked the start of the 30th anniversary of the Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine as many of the teams took to the road for The Tire Racks hometown of South Bend Indiana. Along the way the teams lit up social media sites with their progress and thoughts about the coming week.

As the teams trickled in to the Waterford Estate Lodges the atmosphere began transforming as it does every year. The sadness of parting after the conclusion of the prior years event became joy at seeing old friends. The bar, often quiet, quickly filled with the sounds of laughter and friendship while competitors brought one and other up to speed on their non-OneLap lives. The parking lot began to accumulate vehicles normally reserved for tracks and teenagers walls offering the local population a gathering spot to test their cell phone cameras.

The above is what makes the Tire Rack One Lap of America many things to all people. We are not simply an automotive event. We are the opportunity for families and communities to bond and unite over the cool cars passing through. We are the cars you saw as a little child while looking out of the school bus windows that excited you enough to attempt your own car design rather than pay attention during class. We are the event that evokes the feel-good, silly memories of our autobiographical movie, The Cannonball Run.

We are the event you want to be a part of.

Why not become a part of it this year? Come out to a track or two. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about this great piece of Americana. I hope to see you on the road soon.