Daytona, the home of big speed was also the home to some big challenges and heartbreak for some One Lappers. Entering the 4th day of competition the One Lap faced down the high speed ,high banks of Daytona International Speedway. The morning began with the first place Top Speed GTR cutting a tire on the out lap causing speculation as to whether or not they would be able to continue their campaign for a 4th consecutive victory. In a true gesture of sportsmanship and One Lap etiquette a rival GTR from the Chariots of Palm Beach team gave team TopSpeed their spare tire so they could continue their campaign. The TopSpeed team was not the only team to run into tire issues. The Corvette of Don Chrzan and Brian Peele ran into tire difficulties as well necessitating a tire swap.

Following the morning session the One Lap opened up the track for parade laps. Led by Brock Yates Jr, fans and family who had joined the event for the day took to the track to experience the thrills of the super speedway prompting our social media to fill with thankful comments about dreams fulfilled.

As the afternoon progressed and the second run group took to the track it seemed the drivers had the bit between their teeth with the drivers setting a blistering pace. With a majority of the drivers making it through the session unscathed a couple of cars decided to take a unique line through the bus stop. Once the teams were finished their afternoon run sessions they packed up and headed to our Presenting Sponsor, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, where the competitors were greeted by the staff and some local spectators.

One by one as the competitors signed in and thanked our sponsors the worn out teams began to leave for South Carolina’s Carolina Motorsports Park to take on the next challenge of the 2013 Tire Rack One Lap of America.