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Edometers LLC. is your fast, simple, and hassle-free way of remedying your car’s electrical issues.

We specialize in:

– Instrument Cluster Recalibrations

– Mapping/Re-Mapping ECU’s

– Engine Performance Profiles

– Clearing Fault Codes

– Any Vehicle ECU/OBD2 Issues

Under normal circumstances taking your car to the dealer to remedy any of the above issues would result in a large bill. At Edometers we understand that you have better things to do with your money, time, and peace of mind, which is why we have made the process simple. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to anyone and our ESTIMATES NEVER CHANGE.


Edometers promises to be the easiest experience you have ever had solving vehicle issues. We promise to always do our best to satisfy our valued customers and to make sure they understand everything that happened with their vehicle. We promise to give our customers good, factual information about their vehicle so they can be empowered when they need future service. We promise to stand by our estimates and never to surprise you with a higher bill than agreed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Isn’t recalibrating an instrument cluster the same as rolling back an odometer?

A) NO. Recalibrating an instrument cluster is LEGAL while “rolling back an odometer” is ILLEGAL and carries severe penalties and possible jail time. We advise those who contact us to be extremely cautious when dealing with those who claim to be legitimate. Ask as many questions as possible and make sure they give you an Odometer Disclosure Statement. If they hesitate, give some excuse, or offer another way of recalibration, walk away!

Q) Why would someone need to legally recalibrate an instrument cluster?

A) There are many reasons, the most common are:

– The vehicle battery was discharged and the vehicle has been jump started

– The dashboard develops and electrical fault

– The dashboard was damaged in a collision or vandalized

– Improper tire and rim size

– Second hand odometers (EG, junkyard odometer with incorrect miles or a new odometer with 0 miles)

– The original mileage has been corrupted

– A substitute dash has been fitted, and changing of the original data is required

– The owner wishes to have the original mileage displayed

– The owner wishes to convert KM to MPH or MPH to KM

– Flood, Fire, or inoperative odometers