Rosenthal Media has proudly represented the Tire Rack One Lap of America since 2010.


We provide many services for the Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Since our engagement in 2010 we have helped to grow the events value to sponsors and competitors alike. The One Lap has shown immense year over year growth which we attribute to the following basic principles:

  1. Continued Value Creation for our Sponsors.

    • We understand the value of our sponsors dollars and are always looking for ways to maximize the visibility and value for those who support the One Lap. This is accomplished by finding or creating synergies, media outlets, and consumer engagement opportunities with the ultimate goal of driving business for our sponsors.
    • Many of our sponsors become returning sponsors because we engage them throughout the year. A partnership with the One Lap does not end when the cars get back to The Tire Rack. We have a presence throughout the country at all of the industry shows as well as encourage our participants to participate in local events at every opportunity.
    • Our sponsors are our family. We believe; WHEN THEY SUCCEED, WE SUCCEED.
  2. Continued Value Creation for our Competitors.

    • We are honored every year when we see the number of people who trust us with their hard-earned money and we do not take them for granted. It is our goal to always deliver a fun, safe, yet challenging event to every participant.
    • We make a commitment to help each and every participant to the best of our abilities. Whether they have questions with personal sponsorship, general event questions, or help navigating the regulations we are ALWAYS just a phone call or e-mail away.
  3. Be Media Friendly 

    • This element has become increasingly more important over the years. With almost every team and sponsor having a social media presence or even a professional film crew on hand media is a HUGE part of the One Lap. We wholeheartedly encourage this and will always work with every team and sponsor to make sure that they are capturing the right images and moments while maintaining their safety.
    • Images and Video captured by Rosenthal Media concerning the One Lap have the following policy:
      • Any and all images we capture during the course of our duties covering the One Lap of America are used for the promotion of the One Lap. ANY PARTICIPANT WHO WISHES TO HAVE COPIES OF PHOTOS FEATURING THEIR TEAM, LIKENESS, OR VEHICLE WILL BE GIVEN THEM AT NO CHARGE FOR PERSONAL USE. If the participant would like to use them for promotional purposes there is still no charge but we do ask that credit be shown in the form of “Image/s courtesy of Rosenthal Media Consulting LLC”.