Thin Air

After an evening of driving through some of the harshest weather the One Lap will experience this morning found competitors comparing transit stories and enjoying the milder, clear weather. Today the Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine visited Hallett Raceway. A challenging little track, this day found a few teams succumbing to the clutches of this Midwestern course. The day also saw some spectacular racing action with the overall leaders slugging it out lap after lap. Today was an excellent example of the kind of driving talent our event attracts.

Some of the really special moments came as the event climbed through the rolling hills of Kansas on the way to High Plains Raceway in Colorado. Experiencing the beautiful country we wind through is always a bonus and today did not disappoint. Vast fields and huge wind farms dotted the picturesque landscape along with a plethora of one lap vehicles strung out on the ribbon of tarmac running through it all. As the friendships continue to grow and the story getting better by the moment we are all looking forward to a new track tomorrow. It should be an interesting day!