The Long Haul

Today was the first day that the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine fell into the rhythm that the lap dogs are familiar with. Following a long day featuring 3 separate events the day before many of the competitors showed up within close proximity to Mid America near 2:00 in the morning.

After a few hours of welcomed rest the participants arose to some severe storms all around the race track and surrounding areas. Tornados, severe thunderstorms, hail, and flooding had wreaked havoc on the area during the night and the storm system showed no intention of letting up.

Upon arriving at the track the teams maneuvered their way around newly formed bodies of water in an attempt to find some dry real estate to unload and stage. The first teams that took to the track had to brave wet conditions and standing water in some places. Thankfully as the day progressed the sky cleared, the temperature warmed and the track cleared.

Asenacted team completed their second run session of the day they immediately packed up for the haul to Oklahoma . All along the way the CB radio was screaming weather alerts of confirmed tornados on the ground. Needless to say it was a very attentive drive for a majority of the trip. Eventually the weather subsided and the transit became much more enjoyable. The strong winds and heavy blinding rain gave way to easy breezes and a clear sky to witness the sunset over the rolling hills.

Driving along with the windows open and throughly enjoying the scenery it was easy to remember just what makes this event so special. While the focus of our  modern day One Lap is on the machines and the tracks they compete on, the roots of driving long distances across this vast and beautiful country remain constant. I feel truly fortunate to be a part of something that celebrates both automotive culture and our country in this fashion. Today was one of those days that reaffirms my mentality of living every year from one lap to one lap.