Windows XP

About 10 years ago if you were turn on a Windows PC you would find the default desktop image of a picturesque grassy field on a sunny day with while puffy clouds hovering overhead. If you were at High Plains Raceway in Colorado today with the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine you would have seen the XP background come to life. This was the first time the One Lap has visited this track and as many expected the challenge of learning a track with one warm-up lap and then having to set 3 fast laps on it proved to be an exciting experience.

Spectators could not peel their eyes away from the track as drivers experimented with lines and braking points. Some drivers chose to play it conservatively while others decided to hang it all on the line with the hope of it paying dividends in the point standings. For some this approach worked while for others it did not. However, either way a driver tackled this new challenge it made for some thrilling competition and great memories.

After a short transit drive of 375 miles and losing an hour as we head back east it was an early day for many of the teams. As the drivers began to arrive in Hastings, NE they found themselves congregating at the only place to eat that was open, an Applebee’s.  This quickly turned into an impromptu family dinner with friends sitting with one another and exchanging stories and many laughs with the occasional prank. After dinner and heading to our hotel we encountered a few teenagers who approached us asking about what all the “cool cars” were doing in Hastings.

The kids approached Brock Jr. and asked about the vehicles. Brocker then took the time to cultivate their interest and answered their questions without hurrying them along and encouraged them to come out to Hastings Raceway tomorrow. Seeing this and experiencing the night’s events made me very proud to be a part of this fantastic event. The One Lap of America truly is the exemplification of the values that make this country and the motorsport community so great; family, friends, freedom, and competition.